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By the time Shantie died myself and Wayne had been married and lived in our own home. Within weeks we both felt the emptiness and knew a home just wasn't a home without a dog.

KIRA - Bournehouse Crystal Clear at Meinweg

In 2001 Kira, a Hungarian Vizsla, came along and changed our world, admittedly often changed it upside down, but she certainly changed it!

Kira had a few problems  over the years, both medically and mentally. She developed epilepsy at 12months old and had a fit leaving her brain damaged. We learnt to live with her problems and went on to compete in obedience competitions, achieving some good awards. Wayne and Kira entered the world of Agility again winning some good results but through her health problems we retired her and she became a happy family pet.

We lost Kira at 8pm on the 18th September 2014 at the age of 13 years and 7 months - We miss her greatly and she is forever in our hearts

BRONTE - Desjiem Dancerythm at Meinweg

Our family grew in 2002 when Bronte a Weimaraner bitch joined us. She was my best friend.

Anybody dare tell me Weimaraners are mad or thick and cant be trained just needed to spend 2 minutes with her and they would soon change their minds. She was such a gentle lady, very calm and loving. She was my ptide and joy and a pleasure to share our lives with.

Bronte introduced me to the world of gundog work, we did ok but Bronte wasn't hot on the hunting but loved the retrieving, so we spent many happy hours picking up on a local shoot. Bronte retried from all forms of work, coming out of retirement just once in 2016 to enter a KC Rally completion aged 13 years.

We lost Bronte after a short illness on 17th July 2016 at the age of 13 years 8 months. Mt once in a life time dog, I will never find a soul mate like this dog and the reason Weimaraners will always be in my life

MOSS - Enryb Party Bag for Meinweg

I was in a position at work to be able to change my working hour, which meant I could spend more time with my dogs. After a long think and a look at what dogs where out there, we decided that the Weimaraner is the breed for us. I spent ages searching and was lucky enough to find a breeder who breeds good sound show and working stock with strong and healthy lines behind them. We had plans to breed at some point so needed a good dog to be the start of our very own breed lines.

In 2007 Moss arrived. Shes such a lovely bitch with very strong working instincts. She is a pleasure to own. She was lightly breed shown, but the standing still was never her style. She achieved some good results in the ring but her talent was in the field. We travelled the country achieving high awards in both the gundog working tests and the field trials. Moss retired at crufts 2015 where she was placed in her last ever veteran class. She is now still walking for hours a day, retrieving for fun and showing the younger dogs what its all about.

After a lot of soul searching and lots of advice and even more health checks we decided to have a litter. In 2011 the first Meinweg litter was born. It was a fantastic experience and one nobody could have prepared me for.  Moss was fantastic as a mother and the pups have been a dream to own, grow, develop and watch thrieve in their new homes.

FEN - Meinweg Winter Solstice

Fen was from the first Meinweg litter, the Winter Litter. She fitted in with the rest of the dogs and certainly kept us all on our toes. She is the most level headed Weimaraner I have own, she competed in the ring but like her mum, she didn't enjoy the standing still and would rather be out and about especially in the field.

Due to still working Moss, Fen never fullfield her full potential as a working dog, though she still managed a few good awards in the field and show ring. She spends her time, being the demo dog for my training club, knowing I can take her anywhere and she will work. You will often find her by my side at In Line Dog Training Club events like the 1st aid course being handled by other people and taking it all in her stride.

Fen too retired from showing at Crufts 2015 with her mum on an award in the ring.

In December 2014 Fen had her only litter and just like her mum she was amazing with the puppies.

TARN - Meinweg Chirstmas Fuddle

What happened..... this whirlwind entered our world!

Fen's litter saw Tarn enter our home. She is amazing. I never thought I would have a dog I loved as much as Bronte. She is so temperament sound, she is everybodies friend. Her working skills are second to none, she shows great potiental in the field with strong hunting drive and a retrieve so soft mouthed but instinct so strong. In the ring she covers the ground like she's cutting daisies and loves it, she shows her socks off for me or whoever handles her each and every time. Together we have learned so much and she has won some high awards.

She has also introduced me to KC Rally, I cant say its her faviourite skill but she tries really hard.

Tarn is a character, she is a clown. No matter what Tarn will always make you laugh..... shes been the naughtiest Weimaraner I have ever owned but with that she is also the most loving.

Winter Litter 10th January 2011


Meinweg Winter Soltice - Fen

Meinweg Winter Storm - Lexi

Meinweg Winter Spice - Raina

Meinweg Winter Berry - Grace

Meinweg Winter Dreams - Amber

Meinweg Winter Hot Toddy - Albert

Meinweg Winter Tales - Bailey

Meinweg Winter Mead - Wilson

Meinweg Winter Wine - Stanley



Christmas Litter 21st December 2014


Meinweg Christmas Elf - Stanley

Meinweg Christmas Pudding - Horace

Meinweg Christmas Jumper - Byron

Meinweg Christmas Fuddle - Tarn

Meinweg Christmas Eve - Cara

Meinweg Christmas Magic - Esmee

Meinweg Christmas Ghost - Skye

Meinweg Christmas Wish - Willow

Meinweg Christmas Stocking - Frankie



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