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Being 100% supportive to anybody who is lucky enough to have a Meinweg puppy, from the day they are born we update the website  with daily pictures, so as new owners you can watch the puppies grow and develop. We place puppies in homes we feel suits both the puppy and the new owners so hopefully the puppies only have one home and that's a forever home. Sometimes circumstances change and life throws a curve ball at us which we could never imagine...... if the worst happened and you had to rehome your Meinweg we WILL always take the dog back, no matter what the age or reason. We bred this amazing breed and feel it's our responsibility to ensure the Meinweg never goes to rescue or ends up in the wrong hands.


We have been members of the scheme since 2009 and have had two house inspections and passed with high standards, we follow all their guidelines strictly.

Each puppy comes with a puppy pack and full information on health, training and care.

We only breed if we plan to keep a puppy and from fully health tested parents.


Any breeding plans will be updated on the assured breeder blog.


Don't take my word for it. I invited my puppy people to offer their stories and experiences for my website. I asked for them to be as honest as they could.

Here is what they had to say!


Bailey from the Winter litter and Stanley from the Christmas litter

A Job for Kelly Evans seeing as it is all her fault we have two Meinweg beasts! 


Stanley from the Winter litter

The decision to get a dog is a huge one; the commitment is massive; their dependency  on you doesn't change much from the day you have them to the sad day when they pass away.  There is then the big decision about what dog to get and where from.  These decisions are based on a number of personal choices and much deliberation within families.  Having rescued dogs, bought from puppy farms and bought from reputable breeders, I can speak from experience of all.


Having recently lost a Viemeraner, we were looking for another of the same breed.  They are intelligent and good natured.  I wanted to get one locally and it seemed like fate that Marie was having her first set of puppies.  I explained our circumstances and I was surprised that you couldn’t choose one...Marie works out the personalities of the puppies and the circumstances of the families and matches the owners to the pups.  We also had a chance to get to know the mother. Having already had a number of dogs, I thought I knew enough about them to just get on with it, but the puppy pack, the constant assistance and training has been priceless.  Stanley has turned out to be a fabulous family member.  He has a great habit at smiling at you when he sees you and he is never far from my side.  The Meinweg experience is by far the best one and lasts a life time.  (He gets a birthday present and a card)


Since Stanley, we have rescued a Viemeraner called Scooby. If you decide to rescue a dog, whilst morally sound,  you have no idea of it’s breeding, it’s background or its nature.  You have to be prepared to adapt to its behaviours. It may have been deprived food at a previous owners or chained up, like our’s had been.  This left him mentally scarred and nervous. On a number of occasions he was aggressive towards other dogs on the park, especially black Labradors.  I contacted Marie to help me with him and she was very supportive, recommending an open muzzle, when we took him out. 


I would thoroughly recommend having a Meinweg puppy..(that’s if Marie will let you)

Derek Marriot

Frankie from the Christmas litter

It's hard to imagine how anyone could put more care and effort into breeding dogs. Marie pays attention to details you would never think of and goes to ridiculous lengths to give the puppies the best start in life. And given the care Marie takes in choosing owners I am blessed to have a Meinweg dog.

Phillipa Millward

Willow from the Christmas Litter

If I'm ever asked to recommend a breeder or do I know anyone who could answer a question not just on Weimerana's Marie is the first person I go to.

Thinking about my experience of being a forever home for one her amazing puppies. I've been spoilt with Marie and no other breeder in my eyes will ever meet Marie's exacting standards. She is totally dedicated to her girls and only wants what's best for them and their forever families. I know she's there for me and my dog always.

Marie is organised and sets very demanding standards for herself and the families. Which in my eyes has to be the right approach. Because of Marie's dedication to her dogs I have an amazingly intelligent, characterful dog one I'm honoured to love.

No matter how many puppies/dogs Marie has, they will always belong to Marie. They are hers, we just look after them and we should do that without compromise, otherwise we let Marie, the puppy and ourselves down. Marie invests too much hard work into her family for us to let her down.

We owe her our gratitude for being the breeder she is and allowing us to be a family for one of her precious puppies. Many others should use Marie as a role model for breeding.

Alison Smith

Esmée from the Christmas Litter

I purchased my puppy from Marie 2 years 3 months ago after first contacting her 2 years previously . I already had a collie and was so impressed with the advice she gave me on getting a Weimaraner ( her bitch was not ready for breeding at point of conversation) that I decided I'd wait. It was a fantastic decision. The puppies well being being paramount with Marie more than prepared to decline you homing one. Since bringing our little girl home the support has been second to none with Marie drawing on her extensive and increasing head vet nurse and dog trainer knowledge . I have been so happy with my experience I cannot wait to welcome a second meinweg puppy into our home in the future.



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Breeding Weimaraner's which are fit for function, in the family home, with temperament at the foremost.

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